Kaluram ji was graded ‘B- high’ in national public radio broadcaster of India, “Aakashwani” Kabir singing.

He is famous folk singer from the Malwa Region of Madhya  Pradesh. He primarily sings Kabir Bhajans along with bhajans of saints like Mira bai and Goraknath in the local Malwi dialect.

Coming   from   a   family   of   traditional   folk singers, Kaluram  ji’s training  started with  his  grandfather  and   his  father Devlalji  Bamaniya.  Due  to  extreme  poverty, most years  of his  life were  spent in working as a bonded labor  at various places.However, his love for singing kept his spirit alive and  he walked  long distances during  late  night  hours to perform at various village gatherings.

His  choice  of bhajans  are  mostly  from  Kabir’s  writings  because he  believes that  Kabir has spoken on life matters and  not  just human matters along  with the most important value which is universal love.

It is the  undying  love and  spirit for singing that  has made Kaluram  Bamaniya an  international  name today.   Apart  from  performing  at  various  prestigious platforms across the country, he has also performed in countries like Pakistan and Nepal.

His  live  recordings  have  been   broadcasted at  various  channels    including Aakashwani and Doordarshan.

He was also featured in a series of documentaries made on Kabir, by Shabman Virmani.  His voice  and  an  inspiring nature have  encouraged many  to  learn Kabir bhajans.


Rashtriye bairaag kabir lok bhajan mandal


Kaluram Bamniya                               -           Singer

Arpita Bamniya                                   -           Co-Singer

Santosh Kumar Saroliya                   -           Violin

Uttamsingh Bamniya                        -           Majira

Ramprasad kumar                              -          Harmonium

Devidas Bairagi                                  -           Dholak

Manoj ghudawad                               -           Nagadi